Travelling by Car

Students have their own dedicated car park and can apply for a parking permit at reception. Students are asked to show the vehicle's MOT certificate and insurance documentation.

Travelling by Bus

For the latest transport information, please visit the IW Southern Vectis bus services.
Alternately contact Southern Vectis team via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone on 827000.

Southern Vectis on Twitter

Due to a ongoing road closure in Newport due to a RTI,the route 8 13;10 Newport to Sandown and return is not operating sorry if affected BD.

Southern Vectis Southern Vectis

Due to this delays will occur to these routes,delays are about 15mins at this time also the route 38 is operating 15mins late due to this BD

Southern Vectis Southern Vectis

Due to a serious RTI at St Georges Way,Police have closed the road all route 2,3 are diverting via Medina Avenue in and out of Newport BD .

Southern Vectis Southern Vectis


Download this file (South_Vectis_Childfares_03July15_WEB.pdf)Travelling by Bus822 kB