Results Day Info

Results Day Info


Examination Results day 2017

Results for all external exams will be available to collect from the school between 8.30am and 12.00pm on Thursday 17th August 2017.

Results must be collected by the student in person. If any other person (including family members) collects results, written authorisation must be received by the school prior to results day.

Candidates who do not collect their results will receive notification through the normal post.

The school will provide a summary of A Level results for publication in the County Press. Students who do not wish their name to appear should advise the exams officer before the end of the Summer term.

Enquiries about results

In rare cases, a department may wish to query a student’s result or request a re-mark of an exam paper. In these circumstances the student will be contacted and permission will be requested before the enquiry is made. This is because, if reviewed, a student’s mark may go up but could go down. Where a department has requested an enquiry, the department will bear the cost.

Students may also instigate enquiries about their own results and in these circumstances will be charged for the enquiry. The services the student may request are:

  • A copy of an exam paper
  • A clerical check (a check that all the marks on a paper have been added correctly)
  • A review of marking (the paper will be re-marked by a senior examiner)
  • Late Cash-ins

If a paper is subject to a clerical check or a review of marking and as a result the student’s grade increases, no fee will be charged.

More detail regarding these services and the fees payable will be issued on results day.

Exams office opening hours:

Closed from Friday 21st July

Open 08:30 – 12:00 on Thursday 17th August for results

Open 08:30 – 12:00 on Friday 18th August for enquiries about results

Normal school hours from Monday 4th September

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