Exam Results

Exam Results

Island Innovation VI form Campus Press Statement:
The Trustees, Governors and College leadership teams are delighted to announce it has been another great year for the students and staff of the Island Innovation VI Form, we are very proud of everyone’s achievements. The results reflect the hard work and dedication put in by staff and students with the change to the new examination format. The VI Form continues to support students as they take full advantage of having a dedicated VI Form site that is an excellent stepping stone to life at University or higher level Apprenticeships.

There have been some excellent results for individual students in their A Levels and BTEC studies with many students getting straight A grades or triple distinctions. The vast majority of students are going on to their first choice universities and starting the next exciting stage of their education. Dave Mumford, Head of the VI Form Campus said he is delighted with some of the individual results that have been achieved. ‘We have over 140 students going on from the Island to follow a huge range of university courses including Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Law, Fashion, accessing the top Russell Group Universities across the country. Congratulations to all students on their achievements and I would like to thank parents and staff for all their support.’

Summary of results
34 pupils achieved A* or A in one or more of their A Level subjects, 13 of which achieved AAB or better.
17 pupils achieved at least one Distinction* or Distinction in their vocational courses.
Over 70 A* or A grades and 38 Distinction* or Distinction grades were awarded across the centre.
66% of A Level grades achieved were A*C.
88.3% of vocational grades achieved were Distinction* to Merit.

KS5 Results Summary

Prov Results






A Level or Equivalent      
% A*/A 16% 14.0% -
%A* to E 95% 95.7% -
% 2 or more passes 94% 95.1% -
APS per Entry 28.52 (C) 29.2 (C) 33.66 (C+)
Applied Gen/Tech Entries      
%A*/A 63% 67.0%  
%A* to E 98% 94.5%  
% 2 or more passes 100% 92.6%  
APS per Entry 27.77 (Merit+) 37.5 (Dist+) 28.45 (Merit+)
Retention Factor* 2018 2017   2016
   tbc  0.978  0.965
GCSE Retakes      
En Progress 0.50 0.4  -0.10
Ma Progress 0.09 -0.05  -0.13


Destinations 2018  2017 2016
Education 77.3%  81.1% 73.0%
Training 4.4%  6.1% 10.6%
Employment 11.6%   1.4%
Looking for Employment    0.6% 3.5%
Gap Year 5.5%  2.4% 4.3%
Unemployed -  0.0% 2.8%
Undecided/Unknown 1.1% 1.8% 4.3%

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DFE Performance Tables for Medina College

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