This course gives students the opportunity to study geological processes that operate at and below the Earth’s surface, the evidence of past life and the uses made of geological materials. The course looks at the processes and products that form our planet and its rocks, the uses of geological resources, addressing environmental, technological, safety and economic issues in addition to geological concepts, the history of life on Earth and introduces palaeontology, a new area of study at this level. Major vertebrate and invertebrate fossil groups are studied, and the interaction between life and the physical environment are explored.


Year 1 Units include: Global tectonics, rocks, processes and products and practical skills in geology. Year 2 Units include: Environmental geology, evolution of life, Earth and climate and practical skills in geology.


Many careers including oceanography, environmental science, marine geologist, meteorologists are open to students with Geology A level. This course complements chemistry, physics and geography.

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