Food Nutrition & Health


Students will be able to gain an understanding of issues relating to society and health, resource management and food production. You will gain valuable experiences that will allow you to be creative and inventive with food and ingredients through practice and experimentation. Candidates are given the opportunity to develop and solve a problem relating to food design and making in the coursework, whilst the examinations test knowledge, understanding and design skills.


There are two mandatory units at AS level. Society and Health: Candidates gain an understanding of demography, family and society, environmental, social issues and health. Resource Management: Candidates acquire a thorough knowledge of resources, food provision, selection and purchase of food and household goods, food preparation and cooking equipment, food safety and hygiene.


There are 2 mandatory tasks. There is a coursework study where the candidates select their own content and develop their own task. Nutrition and Food Production: Candidates study nutrients and energy; nutritional and dietary needs of different groups of people; properties of food; design, development and production of food; advances in the food industry.


Successful students will be able to progress onto further education courses related to the food industry such ascatering and the hospitality industry. Related practical careers include restaurant chef, food preparation, nutrition, hospitality etc.


C grade GCSE in Food technology or B grade technology in another D&T subject at GCSE (to show understanding of the design process) together with catering or Food handling and hygiene level one certificate. C grades in Maths and science GCSE would also aid understanding of technical aspects of the course.