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Design is utilitarian in a way that Fine Art is not. Design is the how of a thing: how to order the parts, how to serve the client’s interests, how to convey the information. Fine Art, on the other hand, is its own end. It isn’t utilitarian. It subordinates ordinary usefulness to its own purposes. It doesn’t concern itself with description the way illustration does, nor with the desires of the buyer as does fashion, nor the tastes of the public as does style.


The A Level Art course aims to give you a broad understanding of both traditional and contemporary Art.It develops an understanding of the nature of visual thinking allowing the student to be able to innovate, initiate and make effective personal responses. The course encourages experience in a range of materials to promote spontaneity and excitement in the work produced. It also enables students to respond to and relate their own work to that of other artists in context.


Component 1 is a personal investigation which allows students to develop ideas and to experiment widely refining work towards finished outcomes.It is internally assessed and externally moderated and is 60% of the qualification. Component 2 is the externally set assignment which is released to the college in February of the second year of the course. It features a theme which students research over a 3 month period, it includes 15 hours of unaided work and is 40% of the qualification.


A large proportion of our students continue to university to follow foundation courses in Art and then progress to degree and further education courses in a diverse range of disciplines: Fine art, multimedia, illustration, fashion design, textiles, advertising, product design and animation. This course has been chosen on the advice of Art colleges and employers because they want to see folios which contain a broad range of work and experimentation.

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