Film Studies

Many consider film to be the main cultural innovation of the 20th century. Students who study it characteristically bring with them a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement for what is a powerful and culturally significant medium, inspiring a range of responses from the emotional to the reflective. Film Studies offers students the opportunity to investigate how film works from both a representation mode and as an aesthetic medium.


You can progress to study aspects of Film Studies at university or to work in a related field of employment using the knowledge you have gained from this A level.


This two-year A level course will equip learners with the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the significance of film and film practice in national, global and historical contexts, films key contexts in relation to social, cultural, political and technological mediums and how film generates meanings and responses as both a student and a spectator. It also aims to enable learners to apply critical approaches to film and apply knowledge and skills to the making of film and screenwriting.

Production work is a crucial part of this course and by studying a diverse range of films and different contexts students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of how films are constructed through their own filmmaking and screenwriting.

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