Computer Science


This course is aimed at students who are keen on practical computer work and especially solving mathematical type problems. You will gain a wide knowledge of computer systems and programming skills. The course covers a wide range of computing applications, for example: control systems, artificial intelligence, networking and many others. There is also thorough theoretical coverage. Programming is mainly taught using Visual BASIC. LMC will also be used to teach about assembly language, and there will be opportunities to use HTML, CSS and Java script to create web pages.


C grade in English at GCSE. B grade in Mathematics at GCSE.


AS Level: Problem solving, programming, algorithms, data representation, computer components, the stored program concept, software development, networking and the internet.

A Level: the course will continue with the topics studied in the first year, but to a greater depth. Students will also choose a practical project which will showcase their programming skills.


Most students carry on to study computer science at university and it is possible to follow courses such as computer science, artificial intelligence, games design, games programming, software engineering etc. Other courses link business management with computing or IT.