Classical Civilisation

This is an increasingly popular A-level which offers students to explore aspects of Ancient Greek and Roman culture in depth. The new specification for 2017 is an academically rigorous course that centres on the study of ancient literature, history, politics and archaeology.


The first year introduces students to the fascinating history and politics of late Republican Rome through the lives and works of three great statesmen: the general Julius Caesar, the Stoic philosopher Cato and the orator Cicero. This then segues into the world of spin and propaganda by which Caesar’s heir Augustus transformed the Republic into an imperial monarchy.

The second year focuses on the two greatest literary epics of the ancient world: Homer’s Iliad, the original story of the famous Trojan War; and Virgil’s Aeneid, the legendary tale of the foundation of Rome. Students will investigate the concepts and values of the mythical heroic world, the cultural contexts of both works and the literary techniques employed to create epic poetry.

Assessment is by three separate exams taken at the end of Year 13. There is no coursework component.


There are many Classical courses available at universities, or the qualification could support study in history, literature, politics, law, sociology or philosophy. The skills gained from studying this A-level will be highly regarded in all areas of higher education and also attractive to prospective employers

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