There are 2 pathways through this qualification:

A concept-led approach that begins with a study of laws, theories and models of biology and finishes with an exploration of their practical applications.

A context-led approach that begins with consideration of an application that draws on many different areas of biology and then moves on to the biological concepts underlying this application.

Both approaches enable the use of motivating, up to date and contemporary contexts and we can deliver a “mix and match” of both approaches to cater for all students’ learning needs.


First year units include:  Cells exchange and transport, molecules, biodiversity, food and health and practical skills in biology 1. Second year units include: Communication, homeostasis and energy, control, genomes and environment.


Careers in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, oceanography, forestry ecology, forensic science and environmental science are open to students with biology A level. The skills gained in Biology will also be valuable in further education and employment.

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