Art & Design


Are you creative, do you love the buzz you get when you have a new idea, are you visually aware and notice beauty

in everything around you? Do you have opinions, are you articulate and passionate? Can you solve problems, do you consider new ways of doing things that may be better, do you have good technical ability when drawing/painting or even better both and are you ready to challenge yourself and your teachers?


B in Art & Design/Fine Art at GCSE C grade or above in English at GCSE If Art has not been studied to GCSE an interview with a portfolio is required, this needs to show your ability to draw from observation.


Art and Design is a flexible and adaptable AS and A Level for anyone with a real interest in the visual Arts. We will support you to develop into an independent and resourceful student whilst supporting you to learn new skills and attitudes. Your work can be realised through the full range of conventional and digital skills, all we ask is that you work with commitment, energy, initiative, growing independence and that you meet deadlines.


Qualifications in Art and Design will support further study at Foundation or Degree level specialising in: fashion, textiles, graphics, illustration, animation, media and advertising, film making, 3D design and more. Our students left us in 2015 to study degree level courses in Film-Production, Photography, Graphics, Illustration, Animation, Marine Photography and Textiles to name a few.