Sport: BTEC

BTEC (Level 3) National Extended Certificate (Single award = Equivalent to 1 A Level)

The course covers a wide range of theoretical and practical topics in sport, giving a more in depth level of study to Level 2 courses. Each unit covers 25% of the whole course, with a lesser percentage of the overall grade coming from the exam. Students still need a good work ethic and a background in sport and science in order to be successful. Students should play sport outside of school and should be looking at going forward into a career in sport or other physically active pathways (E.g. Armed Forces, Emergency Services etc).


4 units over the 2 years, including;

• Anatomy and Physiology- assessed by a written exam (25%).

• Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well Being – assessed by synoptic assessment (25%).

• Professional Development in the Sports Industry – Assessed by coursework (25%).

• Sports Coaching – Assessed by practical assessment and coursework (25%).


BTEC (Level 3) National Diploma (Double award = Equivalent to 2 A Levels)

The Level 3 Diploma in Sport is taken alongside one other subject and covers a wider range of sporting topics than the single award.

It will cover 9 units within the 2 years and targets students who have their mind set on careers in sport.

Students must play or be involved in a sport outside of school and should have a good work ethic to meet deadlines. A good qualification in both PE/BTEC Level 2 Sport and in GCSE Science is required in order to be successful.


In addition to the units studied in Option 1:

• Investigating Business in the Sports and Active Leisure Industry

• Skill Acquisition in Sport • Sport Psychology

• Practical Sports Performance

• Sports Performance Analysis

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