To study Music at A level you need to be able to read notation to a good standard, be able to play an instrument to at least grade 5 standard and be a competent composer. During the course you will be required to develop your aural skills, analyse music of various genres spanning works by such composers as Mozart, Vivaldi, and Stravinsky, through to Kate Bush and the Beatles, and film soundtracks such as Batman and Psycho. You will also be required to record a solo recital and compose to a given brief.


The course structure requires performance, composition and a written exam.


Music A level is a requirement for applications to the six UK Music conservatoires and for most Music degree courses. Music A level expands on the acquired skills and knowledge introduced at GCSE level and provides a firm grounding in the skills required to study Music at University level. A Music degree can assist you to pursue a career in performance as a member of an ensemble such as an orchestra or session work, composing for film and television, or teaching.

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