Information Technology: BTEC


This qualification offers students the chance to study IT at the VI Form in a more vocational environment, students are assessed mostly on their IT ability through coursework and will have to sit just one final exam.

Students will study IT as a communication medium and as a work tool, they will also have the chance to study and develop their skills in the use of databases and data modelling or web page development software.


This qualification also provides opportunities to develop skills demanded by employers.

The course is graded as PASS (E), Merit (C), Distinction (A) and Distinction* (A*). In the first year students will work on a coursework only project on ‘Using Social Media in Business’ and will take a controlled assessment involving database tasks. For the second year students will complete a project involving either website creation or data modelling using spreadsheets. In this second year there will also be an exam, to assess the students understanding of IT systems.

Learners will also have the opportunity to acquire the essential knowledge and tools for the world of work by developing transferable skills such as planning, research and analysis, working with others and effective communication.


Software helpdesk advisor, IT support, database operations manager, web designer, business analyst, informations systems manager, operational researcher.

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