Pathways: A Levels

The A level Pathway is a natural choice for you if you have enjoyed and been successful on your GCSE courses. A levels off er you the chance to focus your attention on a smaller number of subjects, building your knowledge and understanding in the areas in which you have proven strengths and strong interest.

You will normally choose 4 subjects from a wide range of available courses and any combination should be possible. Over 50 courses are available - our course advisors will help you choose the ideal combination.

To succeed on an A level programme you will need to achieve A*-C grades in at least 5 subjects at GCSE. Most A level students have several A*/A/B grades, especially in the subjects they want to study at A level.

With changing specifications in many subjects, some A Levels will now be taught as a full 2 year course and some will remain as an AS course followed by an A2 course, completing the full A Level.

Most A levels involve a combination of examinations and coursework and all exams will be held during the summer term at the VI Form Campus.

Pathways: Level 3 / Vocational Courses

The Advanced Vocational Pathway is a natural choice for you if you have done well at GCSE but now wish to move on to a course related to your career plans. Some Advanced Vocational courses, for instance BTEC level 3 Diplomas, can be combined with an A level course. Vocational courses are usually assessed through assignment work rather than exams. These courses will really suit you if your coursework grades are always better than your examination marks. You will have an idea of your grades as you work through the course and will have an opportunity to re-submit any work that is not up to standard.

For more information on how you as a parent, or a member of the public, can find out more about the curriculum we are following, please contact Carole via either our contact form or details on our Contact Page.

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