The Island VI Form Press Statement 2019

The Governors and College leadership teams are delighted to announce it has been another great year for the students and staff of the Island VI Form, we are very proud of everyone’s achievements.  The results reflect the hard work and dedication put in by staff and students. The VI Form continues to support students as they take full advantage of having a dedicated VI Form site that is an excellent stepping stone to life at University or higher level Apprenticeships.

There have been some excellent results for individual students in their A Levels and BTEC studies with some students getting straight A grades or double distinctions.  The vast majority of students are going on to their first choice universities and starting the next exciting stage of their education.

Dave Mumford, Head of the VI Form said he is delighted with some of the individual results that have been achieved. ‘We have over 150 students going on from the Island to follow a huge range of university courses including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Law, Fashion, accessing the top Russell Group Universities across the country. Congratulations to all students on their achievements and I would like to thank parents and staff for all their support.’

Summary of results

43 students achieved A* or A in one or more of their A Level subjects, 9 of which achieved AAB or better.

37 students achieved at least one Distinction* or Distinction in their vocational courses.

Over 60 A* or A grades and 22 Distinction* or Distinction grades were awarded across the centre.

64% of A Level grades achieved were A*C.

86% of vocational grades achieved were Distinction* to Merit.

Art and Design Foundation Diploma


Fine Art/Fashion/Textiles/Photography/Graphics

Join this exciting new course for 18-19 year olds preparing for University and careers in the Art and Design sector.
The only one of its kind on the Isle of Wight, this is an incredible opportunity for young creatives.
A pathway into top university bachelor degree programmes.

Develop your creativity.
Experiment and specialise.
Build your portfolio.

Media: Creative Production BTEC


BTEC Creative Media Production is a broad based course designed to provide an in-depth and multi-faceted understanding of a wide variety of Media concepts. The modules are designed to enable students to research and gain knowledge of a range of Media which underpin the professions and further education related to it.

The course is specifically designed for those wishing to gain direct access to the industry and is therefore aimed at providing skills relative to future employment.

You will be encouraged to use your imaginative and creative thinking as well as gain and develop an understanding of concepts such as:

Animation, Broadcast Journalism, Camera, Design for the Moving Image, Directors, Editing, Interactive Media and Computer Games, Lighting for Film and Television, Multimedia and Print Journalism, Photo Imaging, Production Design, Production (Film and Television) Publishing, Radio Content Creation, Sound.


The course content is made up of six mandatory units plus optional units that provide for a combined total of 120 credits (equivalent to 2 A levels).


Television and Film, Print Based Media, Radio, Interactive Media, Games Development.


Students will be able to gain an understanding of issues relating to society and health, resource management and food production. You will gain valuable experiences that will allow you to be creative and inventive with food and ingredients through practice and experimentation. Candidates are given the opportunity to develop and solve a problem relating to food design and making in the coursework, whilst the examinations test knowledge, understanding and design skills.


There are two mandatory units at AS level. Society and Health: Candidates gain an understanding of demography, family and society, environmental, social issues and health. Resource Management: Candidates acquire a thorough knowledge of resources, food provision, selection and purchase of food and household goods, food preparation and cooking equipment, food safety and hygiene.


There are 2 mandatory tasks. There is a coursework study where the candidates select their own content and develop their own task. Nutrition and Food Production: Candidates study nutrients and energy; nutritional and dietary needs of different groups of people; properties of food; design, development and production of food; advances in the food industry.


Successful students will be able to progress onto further education courses related to the food industry such ascatering and the hospitality industry. Related practical careers include restaurant chef, food preparation, nutrition, hospitality etc.


C grade GCSE in Food technology or B grade technology in another D&T subject at GCSE (to show understanding of the design process) together with catering or Food handling and hygiene level one certificate. C grades in Maths and science GCSE would also aid understanding of technical aspects of the course.


Business A level is designed to give a broad and balanced introduction to business as a basis for further training & study. Allowing students to develop general skills, knowledge and understanding that underpins all occupations and professions. This programme will enable you to investigate areas within business, the economy and industry and provide skills for future employment and academic business courses. You are encouraged to foster imaginative and creative thinking as well as developing an understanding of the world of business and recognise its value to the local, national and International community.


• Marketing and people
• Managing business activities
• Business decisions and strategy
• Global business


Business programmes lead to employment, university degrees and professional courses, careers in retailing, finance, management and marketing.

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